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How to order once you’ve registered

  1. See the patient and assess for TMD.
  2. If you have taken our additional ear impression taking course (currently limited availability), you can take impressions of the patient's ears yourself, following the instructions in the JawGuard Impression Pack.
    Otherwise, if an Audiologist will be taking the impressions, give the impression pack to the patient for the audiologist. They will then need to bring this back to you after receiving their impressions.
  3. Check the impressions, complete the order form in the impression pack, and then post it.
  4. You will receive the new JawGuards in 3 weeks.

How to order more impression taking packs

To order more, please visit our supplies partner “Supplies Hear”, where you can purchase these.

Each pack contains:
  1. Order form – for dentist x1
  2. Instructions sheet – User and Audiologist taking impression x1
  3. Fixed step bite block x1
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Usage instructions

For instructions on use of the product, including a video demonstration, please visit our usage instructions page.

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Clinical trials

Are you taking part in our clinical trials? Click the link below to access our clinical trial questionnaires.

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Take our online course, learn in-depth knowledge on TMD management and how to use JawGuard, including ear impression taking.

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