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What is it?

JawGuards are comfortable, discreet custom made ear inserts that can help prevent teeth grinding, clenching and treat symptoms of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) including: jaw pain, facial pain, tension headaches, ear pain, eye pain, some neck pain, and reduced ability to open your mouth.

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How does it work?

These ear inserts help stabilise the jaw joint thus helping reduce the strains and stresses in the tissues surrounding the jaw joint, causing a reduction in the symptoms related to TMD.

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How long does it take?

Users have found pain relieved within a few days to 3 weeks from using them in the day and night time.
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How to order

Step 1


Use our quick diagnostic tool to find out whether JawGuard is appropriate for you.

Step 2

Ear impressions

Locate a JawGuard certified dental professional near you.

If suitable, the dentist will either take impressions of your ears, or will refer you to an Audiologist to do this.

Step 3


When manufactured, your dentist will arrange an appointment to fit the JawGuards and orientate you on how to use them.

If you don't live in the UK but would like a pair of JawGuards, please contact us.

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I've suffered many many years with [TMD]. I tried the new JawGuard ... and I've had amazing results. You can wear them during the day, during the night. They fit perfectly into the ears, no pain at all ... This is the best treatment I've ever had and I do recommend it highly.


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Are you a Dentist with experience in treating patients with TMD and have previously offered in-ear devices such as Cerezen to help treat TMD related pain?

JawGuard is an innovative in-ear device which helps provide support to the condylar head and retrodiscal tissues of the TMJ. This support also helps provide biomechanical feedback and dissuades TMD sufferers from clenching and grinding habits that put additional strain on the TMJ and associated musculature.

To be registered on our list of JawGuard certified Dentists, you will be required to complete our training course. This course will instruct you on ear canal anatomy and pathologies as well as ear impression taking, TMD patient assessment and instructions on JawGuard.

You will also be provided with a free set of JawGuards and impression taking kit.

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How to order

  1. Is it suitable? – Find out if this treatment is suitable for you by answering a few questions online.
  2. Order through our online shop – once ordered you will receive a JawGuard starter pack in the post with instructions on what to do next
  3. Find an ear care professional to take your ear impressions – Your starter pack will have instructions to give this professional. For help to find a professional click here
  4. Post your ear impressions to us – these are digitally scanned, then used to design your custom tailored JawGuard ear inserts, this usually takes up to 3 weeks from receiving your impressions
  5. Prepared and delivered to you – after a few final touches your inserts will be delivered to your door ready to change your life.
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