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We are looking for dentists who have experience in treating patients with TMD and have previously offered in-ear devices such as Cerezen to help treat TMD related pain.

JawGuard is an innovative in-ear device which helps provide support to the condylar head and retrodiscal tissues of the TMJ. This support also helps provide biomechanical feedback and dissuades TMD sufferers from clenching and grinding habits that put additional strain on the TMJ and associated musculature.

Successful applicants will be provided with training on ear canal anatomy and pathologies as well as ear impression taking and patient assessment. You will be provided with 8 free pairs of inserts for patients who will be included in the clinical study.

As part of the study we will require some data collection from patients before, during and 4 weeks after they start wearing their JawGuard appliance. This data will allow us to collect information which can demonstrate the efficacy of the device has for TMD sufferers, will help inform future improvement and help measure improved quality of life.

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